Apple’s systems are highly secure, but if your private or enterprise data matters to you it’s essential to ensure your Mac is as highly secured as possible. This quick guide should help you do just that.

Keep it zippy

Malware is everywhere and Macs are not immune. You can ignore the potential threat if you choose, but if you are an enterprise user holding confidential data, an educator in possession of private data, or even a Bitcoin collector who maybe clicked a few too many links on one of those dodgy faucet websites, you should know to get your Mac secured.

Common sense first

Before we get into some of the security technology inside your Mac (including a wide range of security improvements in High Sierra) it is also important to point out that the biggest threat your computer faces is the person using it. Cyberattackers are highly sophisticated and can piece together lots of information about you, or companies associated with you by simply getting a little more data a little at a time. Make it hard for those people by following simple tips, including:

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